Nelson City Framers Paramount Art Award

Award winner received $2000

This year's Paramount Award is proudly presented by the Nelson City Framers.  All artists selected for  Art Expo Nelson 2015 may enter this award.  Between ten and fifteen finalists will be chosen and their  selected artworks will be displayed together in a separate area at Art Expo Nelson.  Opening date for applications will be advised in the near future to Art Expo Nelson 2015 artists.
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Sprig & Fern People's Choice Beer label 

$1000 prize money and the winning artwork on the label of a popular Sprig & Fern beer rigger

This year we are extending competition entry to all New Zealand artists.   The finalists’ entries will be displayed in 7 Sprig and Fern Taverns in the Nelson region and 2 Sprig and Fern taverns in Wellington where patrons can vote for their favourite artwork.

The finalists’ originals will be displayed and available for sale at Art Expo Nelson 2015.  The most popular entry as voted by Sprig & Fern tavern patrons will be announced at the Crowe Horwath Awards on Saturday 24th October. The winner will also receive $1000 in prize money.

This is a really unique opportunity for you to promote your artwork in a different medium instead of a traditional art gallery space. Not only that, the winning artwork will be on beer riggers sold in supermarkets throughout the country.  This has proven a popular art award these last 2 years.

Sprig and Fern brewery is owned by “the Queen of NZ Breweries", Tracy Banner. A multi-award winning craft beer brewery, Sprig and Fern now supplies its delicious brews to nine taverns bearing the same name.The varieties of S&F beers are available throughout New Zealand in supermarkets and all good bottle stores.

 The beer chosen for the winning label is Pilsener, a high quality premium lager with hoppy overtones. The winning entry will be an artwork that reflects the true essence of craft beer and encapsulates the creativity and spirit of the region’s top craft brewery.

Click here to enter.

Nikki Romney artwork on Sprig & Fern label

Nikki Romney's winning artwork on Sprig & Fern beer label 2014


Crowe Horwath Business Art Award

Business Art Award - win $500

Again this year Crowe Horwath are sponsoring the Business Art award.  The ethos of this award is "a piece most suited to a business environment".  This award will be chosen from the art presented  at  opening hour of Art  Expo Nelson and the award will be announced at the Crowe Horwath Awards on the Saturday evening, 24th October 2015.
Dean Bradley, Crowe Howarth Business Art Award winner

Dean Bradley, Crowe Howarth Business Art Award 2014 winner